In The Spotlight: Tim Wheatley & Crooked Saint

Today on The Spotlight, we have Australian artist Tim Wheatley! Born in Melbourne, Australia, he grew up in a family that was involved in music in one way or another. “My old man was a musician, and there was never a shortage of instruments lying around the house to kill some time on,” Tim said. Growing up in Australia, he always thought that the music had “quite a unique sound.” “Why that is I’m not exactly certain,” Tim said. “But I think it has a lot to do with the tyranny of distance. We take the music from places like the US and other parts of the world and put our own spin on it.”

The singer went on to form his own band in high school called The Sparrows, which signed with Sony a few years out of school. The band had gigs around Australia, the UK, and the States and was doing quite well. However, Tim and the lead singer Michael Badger, began moving in different musical and creative directions, and Tim left the group.


VIDEO: Style Zone With AC (PREVIEW)

I’m always excited to feature people on The Spotlight, but even more so my girl Ashley Chin who is doing her thing in Miami, killing the fashion game with her styling and designing! Since our first encounter back in 2010, when I first interviewed her, we have stayed connected, and I’m so proud of her and happy for her success!

Now Ashley is heading into a new venture—a new style series entitled Style Zone with AC! “I’ve been doing fashion for so long with wardrobe styling and fashion designing, [but] I’ve always had an interest in broadcasting and was always told I have a natural ability to be on camera with confidence,” the designer stated. “I decided to create a stable foundation for myself and collaborate my two worlds.”


MOVIE REVIEW: The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story

Last night was a flashback to the late 80s and early 90s with Lifetime's The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story! This story was based off Dustin Diamond's (Screech) own book, Behind The Bell, a behind the scenes look at the show. I was excited to watch, even though I had my doubts just looking at the cast. I didn't technically "grow up" on Saved By The Bell (I was only 3 when the show ended), but I remember watching it as a kid, when reruns were on TBS every morning at 7 am. That's how I spent my summer mornings, at my Nana's house, watching the gang at Bayside High.

The movie showed how the show was developed, for those who didn't already know. The show, at first, wasn't even supposed to be about the students. It was supposed to be based on the teachers, starting as Good Morning Miss Bliss. The show was based in Indiana and shown on the Disney Channel, but was quickly cancelled after just one season. It was eventually brought back to NBC and revamped to be about the kids, and the setting was moved to California. However, though the live audience loved them, the reviews were terrible when the show first premiered. Unfortunately, the ratings weren't great at NBC either, and they were cancelled again. However, more and more kids started talking about the show and watching, and the show was given another chance, eventually going global!


In The Spotlight: The Voices of Terror

I’m always interested in featuring a variety of sounds on The Spotlight, and I definitely have a unique group to share with you all! Today, we have
The Voices of Terror! Combining alternative rock, hip hop and electronic sound, the group has been compared to acts like Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, and Method Man & Redman.

Mike Walker and Zero make up this underground duo, and create, write and produce their own music. They started in music when they were young, and have continued following their passion, giving listeners an incredibly distinctive sound that they can rock out to!

ALBUM REVIEW: My Everything-Ariana Grande

I haven't done a real music review in a really long time! I figure the amount of music that comes out and that I get through email, I should do that more often. Therefore, I'm starting back up again with an album that I personally have been waiting a while for--Ariana Grande's My Everything!

Released August 25, 2014, My Everything is Ariana's sophomore album, and she doesn't disappoint! Her first album, Yours Truly, was a good introduction, and a lot of great pop songs and even a few 50s doo-wop tracks, that really showcased Ariana's talent as a singer. However, it's clear with My Everything, Ariana has grown up and really taken the reins on her musical choices

Read my review of Ariana's new album below!


REVIEW: 2014 MTV Video Music Awards!

Last night was the MTV Video Music Awards, and I quite enjoyed myself watching! With high energy performances on deck, the night was definitely one to look forward to. Of course, it started with the Pre-Show with  Sway and other MTV correspondents interviewing the hottest celebs on the red carpet including Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, and more!

Ariana Grande opened up the show with "Break Free," which is still growing on me. Nicki Minaj then hit the stage with a short performance of her newest single "Anaconda," which I have to admit is my guilty pleasure song, especially when I'm working out and hitting my squats! The ladies then came came together with Jessie J for "Bang Bang!" Nicki had a dress malfunction with the quick change she had to do to get ready for her part of the song, but she managed to hold it together so she didn't flash anybody, thank goodness! Overall, the performance was great, and was an awesome way to open the show.
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